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Sustainability and transparency. From A to Z.

We like our customers to know what they are buying. Here you will find brief explanations of the raw materials we use, and why we use them. As well as our working methods. We believe we don't use the word 'sustainable' without its proper weight, and we make sure that every product that comes out of our Studio is a good product.

For you, and for the Planet.

What's in your candle?

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Coconut & Rapeseed Wax

The wax we use in our candles is 100% vegetable, natural and biodegradable. Rapeseed is grown in Germany, and coconut in the Philippines and Indonesia. The coconut used in our wax is sustainably produced, with no deforestation to grow new trees and no animal exploitation for harvesting.


Coconut and canola are processed into pure oils (coconut oil, and canola oil) and cold processed to become an all-natural wax without chemicals, additives or paraffin (a petroleum by-product) used in commercial candles, which is a non-renewable material.


It does not leave black stains on glass, nor does it release toxins such as tolene and benzene. Finally, it has a low melting point, allowing it to last about twice as long as paraffin-based candle . This increases the safety of candle, as melted wax rarely exceeds 50ºC.

Why not soy?

Unlike other small-scale producers, we do not use soy wax, as we believe that the recent boom in interest in soy beans has brought its cultivation out of control, and it has become unsustainable due to the deforestation that its cultivation causes.


Our wicks are made of cotton, with linen filaments, unlike the wick of mass produced candles, which contain lead. The lead in mass produced candles is used to hold the thread upright when filling the containers. As we have a manual and reduced process, we use eco-sustainable wicks, in which the linen reinforces the structure of the wick.

our fragrances

We only use phthalate-free, vegan, non-animal tested fragrances created and developed in the UK and France. We do not use essential oils because we believe their production is more resource-intensive than producing synthetic fragrances.

What makes us different?

A large proportion of mass-produced candles use synthetic dyes and fragrances with phthalates. Phthalates are a chemical used to soften PVC-based plastics, and can damage the liver, lungs, kidneys and the reproductive system. Although phthalate is banned in, for example, children's toys, its use in candles is permitted.

safety and regulation

All our products follow the strict EU regulations in force for products containing chemical elements. You can check the possible allergens on your candle by looking at the bottom of the product or on the "CLP" tab on the product page. You can find out more about the regulations, and the information labels in our FAQ.

Why aluminium?

Our containers are made of aluminium, a 96% recyclable material. So we provide not only a candle, but also a future for our aluminium. Reuse them for small pots of succulents, to store small items, or as pencil holders. The solutions are endless.

Why not glass?

Although glass is also recyclable, it breaks down more slowly than aluminium. In addition, it is a much heavier material, increasing CO2 emissions in its transport. Either from our supplier to us or from us to you.


As for the final packaging for shipping, we use recycled and recyclable cardboard. The protection is made of recycled paper, and we use water-soluble corn starch popcorn. Our stickers and labels are FSC and PEFC certified.

We do everything we can to make sure your candle has a safe journey.

plastic of the small candles

Using plastic capsules for our small candles was an easy choice. Unfortunately, we could only find small aluminium containers in Chinese factories. As we were not informed about the working conditions of the employees, we decided to opt for another solution, where we know that there are good working conditions, and no child exploitation. We remind you that the plastic of the mini candles is recyclable.

calmly, and manually

Each candle is poured by hand, in small batches. This way, we minimise waste, and guarantee the quality of each candle sold. From the placement of the wick, to the final label and packaging. Everything is done in our Studio, without machines.

No waste

Nothing is wasted, everything is reused to the impossible. Even the wax that is sometimes left over from batches is used to make our small candles.

nidore x green association

In 2021 we established a partnership with Associação VERDE, so that 10% of our profits are applied in the preservation of Green Giants, large trees, in Portugal. We believe that this way, we can return what we take from the planet.

carbon offset

We offset the CO2 emissions from our transport through the Pachamá project. We know these are always unrealistic estimates, but we are actively working to improve this part!