One planet, one commitment.

We have a serious relationship with nature. It is where 80% of our raw materials come from. All our products are conceived and designed with their environmental impact in mind. From the materials and raw materials, to packaging, transport and their future.

So, how can we further reduce the impact our production has? The answer was right next to us.

10% of each sale is Green

In partnership with VERDE - Association for the integrated conservation of nature, 10% of all our profits are applied in the preservation and planting of future giant trees.

Association VERDE

green giants

What are they?

The Green Giants are ancient trees so big that we cannot hug them.

With a trunk circumference of more than 1.5 metres measured at 1.3 metres from the ground, they have the capacity to house a large number of organisms.

As well as giving us oxygen and fixing atmospheric carbon, they usually have cultural and historical values associated with them, especially those we come across in our daily lives and which are in our gardens, public parks and private properties.

In a landscape increasingly transformed by man, it is important to conserve the few sites that have the capacity to remain constant over several years and thus allow life to exist over decades.

Why Green Giants?

With age also comes a need for protection.

Green Giants sequester carbon while producing oxygen, remove pollutants from the air while cooling the soil with their shade, prevent floods while helping to fill aquifers, and house hundreds of living things in themselves, such as birds, insects, plants and fungi in their microhabitats, structures such as cavities in the trunk, dead branches or roots, deformations, among others, that support all this life.

They do all this on a daily basis, simultaneously, just as they have done for the last tens or hundreds of years that they have lived and grown up in. They also carry stories and traditions, from several generations, that connect us to the natural world. Each of them is an ally, and the time has come to protect them.

a tree love affair by

nidore x GREEN

In partnership with VERDE, we developed a line of products in which 40% of the profits revert entirely to Associação VERDE.

arbor collection

delivered value

923,29 €


1.5 Green Giants preserved, and 193 trees planted


6953 kg of CO₂ offset


151 microhabitats in the preserved Green Giants

carbon offset

What about our transport?

One of our major impacts is the CO₂ emitted into the atmosphere by transport vehicles on an urban circuit. To try to remedy this, we offset the CO₂ emissions from our transportation by planting trees to balance the emissions produced, through the Pachama Conservation Fund (Certified by Verra/VCS), ensuring forest conservation and the reduction of possible greenhouse gas emissions.

Co₂ values

Approximately 296,748 kilometres travelled by the carrier, with a calculated total of 185.40 kilograms of CO₂ emitted.

carbon offset

Equivalent to 232 trees planted, in a total of 1.584 km² of protected forest.